Mining industry had faced a lot of ups and downs in last few years but now Government is showing a positive approach for the miners and thinking up to formulate a better strategy to cover the maximum opportunities which may come in this industry.

In this industry, miners are facing a lot of problem for instance; recently Government announced the mining auction that is not supposed to a good step in mining. Goa and Karnataka are facing the license problem that is affecting their miners and decreasing the economy of mining. Apart from this, a lot of scams happened in mining and for this it looses its credibility in International level.

The PM. Narendra Modi has an agenda of “Make in India” it positively affecting the mining sector as well as others. Many foreign mining companies as Germany’s Thyssen Krupp and Korea’s Hyundai are interested to cope up with the Indian Mining companies. They found lots of opportunities in Indian Mining Market and interested to build their manufacturing hub in India.

Techno Mines provide the services which can help the companies on a global level to build a strong relation with Governmental departments and other private companies. It helps them to go for CSR, grab the local, national and international business opportunities with the latest mining technological solutions and services.

For a smooth and effective mining work, Techno Mines is available to provide its service for all. As, the Government plan to cope up with international mining companies; Techno Mines interested to help the Government and for its enlargement with the multinational companies.