The management of Techno Mines have leadership experience at major national and international exploration and mining companies.

Some of the organizations where the founders have worked for include Hindustan Copper, Alcan, Geological Society of India, Indian Bureau of Mines, Indo Gold, MMTC, Alcan, Zenith Copper, Y P Multiminerals, Goenka Mining and others.

Techno Mines has senior management with decades of professional experience in mining and associated sectors. These include:

Kapil Rampal, CEO
Rampal is a professional with over a decade of experience of working for leading companies in the sector. These include Aditya Birla Group, Rio Tinto, Techno Mines, MMTC and others.

He travels extensively to international markets and keeps himself updated with latest technological advancements in mining industry. Rampal is a Post Graduate from IIMC. He is also a Post Graduate in Computer Sciences and is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer.

S B S Chauhan, Mining Consultant
S.B.S. Chauhan is a professional exploration mining Geologist of high standing. He started his career in Khetri Copper Project, Hindustan Copper Ltd., and rose to the rank of Senior Mining Geologist, Indian Bureau of Mines (1978-86), Deputy/Joint Adviser (Minerals), Planning Commission, Govt. of India (1986-92), Advisor, Ministry of Mines (1992-98): Chief Mining Geologist and Officer Incharge, Planning and Coordination, Indian Bureau of Mines, Nagpur (1998-03), Director, Chattisgarh Mineral Development Corporation (2003-06) and presently as Adviser, Federation of Indian Mineral Industries (FIMI).

Chauhan has a total of 35 years experience in dealing with the planning, programming, operations and project appraisal in the field of mineral exploration, mining of non-ferrous metal industries and iron ore exports. Formulation of detailed exploration programme and mine planning of Khetri Copper Project in Rajasthan for 4000 t.p.d. production, Regional mineral development studies in the State of Rajasthan for promotion of mineral-based industries and planning & development of mineral resources in the country were the tasks performed.

He was responsible for appraisal and monitoring of various Exploration and mining projects including that of the Geological Survey of India.  Mineral Exploration Corporation Ltd., Hindustan Copper Ltd. and Bharat Gold Mines Ltd.,  preparation of draft policy papers as member convener of various study groups/working groups/expert groups on Mineral Exploration & Development set up by the Ministry of Mines and Planning Commission; member of various committees/professional bodies.  He has two dozens technical papers published to his credit and he was Member, Environmental Appraisal Committee( EAC) of MoEF during 1989-1992.   He has also dealt with the formulation of Mining Plans and Environment Management Plan (EMP/EIA) of different mines as a part of his responsibilities.

Chauhan is an M.Sc. (Geology) and a Post Graduate in Mining Exploration from Netherlands.

A K Raizada, Mining Consultant
Raizada specializes in mining gold and copper. He has has spent his illustrious career, spanning across over four decades, in many senior positions in mining industry. He is M.Sc. (Geology) and Post Graduate in Management from AIMA.