Mining sector in India is highly regulated. Techno Mines provides end-to-end services to help companies manage their relations with various government departments. Specifically the firm assists in filing mining permits, environmental clearances, local assistance, CSR and other activities.

Infrastructure & Technology
Techno Mines is building association with international infrastructure and technology companies to bring some of the finest modern mining solutions to India.

Geospatial Analysis
Techno Mines uses a combination of spatial software and analytical methods to help mining companies successfully explore, prospect and mine. It is extremely useful for modern day mining.

Geological Analysis
Techno Mines conducts thorough geological analysis including geological mapping, surveys and geophysical analysis.

Resource Analysis
Techno MInes has extensive experience in primary drilling, resource analysis and estimation (using JORC code and other standards) and geochemical analysis.

Mine Planning
The company assists you in complete mine planning in consultation with experts certified by Indian Bureau of Mines.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Techno Mines works with mining experts and financial experts to offer assistance in M&A activities, project financing, appraisal and funding.